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Owned and presently administered by Peter Turner, is a site he’s built that allows it’s members to bring their own offerings to a group with similar wants and needs.

The site is a ‘free’ membership site that, I think, appears to be the culmination of all his ideas of the ways individuals can make money on the Internet, thus is firmly placed in the ‘how to make money online’ category.

On first arrival, for those use to such places, the ‘script’ from which the site has been put together and subsequently built from, is a familiar one. Although it does have it’s own unique ‘branding’ logos, which of course allows it a degree of individualism from other sites built along the same formats, however, what does separates DigiProducts from so many others is the fare offered on the all important ‘menu’ column.

This column of headings usually directs members to the what the site has to offer and how to get best use from the site, and as such, usually incorporates a menu heading for ‘Downline Builder’, and this heading, for me, is the nugget of the site.

Yes it contains what anyone familiar with such sites would expect, sites to join that should be useful for the purposes that they offer, mailing facilities, traffic exchanges that presumably work, but it’s here Peter sets the members up to begin to have the opportunity to make a difference to their own businesses and/or programs they are involved with…and is able to put forward a chance to get involved with his other highly creditable sites too.

Of course DigiProducts acts for how it should, to attract like minded people, then funnels them down various avenues whereby opportunities become available for him, but so too do they open up an avenue for those members who are willing to work and adapt their methods based on his processes.

You don’t need a product, because Peter actually provides you with many that can be turned into your own give away, your own list building tool, your own product to do as you wish…and if you use any of his ‘freebies’ they are sure to offer reliable practical advice on ‘How to…’ I know, because I’ve adapted a few for my own purposes, and they have proven to me to work.

Like any other membership site, you only get from it what you are prepared to put into it.

If taking the ‘referral’ link and place it anywhere and everywhere and expect to succeed with what the site and it’s knowledge contains…I’d strongly suggest you re-appraise your ‘money making’ approach, this method is bound to lead to many hours, days, weeks of disappointment…you may get a click or two along the way, but, seriously, why would anyone want to follow someone who only cares about a click on a link, and add nothing to the possibilities of such a great site?

Too many in the ‘click on the link’ world seem to expect more than they get.

Too many sites seem to want just ‘numbers’ and not active members, they may have 25,000 members but only a handful will be active at any one time and most of these are competing with each other to try and grasp the few new members that come along.

This process then tends to lead site owners to open up ‘NEW’ membership sites stretching their imaginations as to provide a ‘unique’ value or worth to the new site that makes it different from the first one…

How some owners make any money is almost unfathomable…almost.

The ‘new’ site syndrome is done to create not just a pick up in income but also to keep building their lists…yet I am only aware of a handful who actually use the power of their lists in the way I’d expect them to…to offer advice FIRST then offer OPPORTUNITY second. Some owners don’t even offer anything…they seem as bored with their site as many of their ‘members’ appear to be.

Or they are making fortunes and have no need to show any inclination?

Be the above as it may…Peter and DigiProducts provide the ‘extras’ others would do more than well to follow, if not blatantly copy! He puts his views as he does gained through practical experience of ploughing through the mire that ‘making money online’ entails…he’s been where too many have ventured and provides a ‘class act’ of a series of products and steps that if you truly wish and want to make money online you’d do well to join and take advantage of someone ‘who knows’!

Peter Turner DigiProducts
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