Here you will find ideas that may help with choosing a particular ‘Niche’ that could …it’s OK just to look, that’s what most will do who visit the page and the other related sections, yep they’ll look, then click-click to somewhere else searching for-an idea-any ideas…You have STOP searching and just looking…You NEED to TAKE ACTION!

A Niche is a grain of a whole e.g. let’s take the WHOLE topic of Health, now that is a MASSIVE TOPIC that can be reduced to, say, Dieting…which again is still a huge topic in it’s own right, but is still a part of the Health sector…from Dieting, this can be reduced to Exercising…eating well can have great benefits but by adding an exercise routine then this can be an aid to reducing weight…Exercising can be reduced into various other disciplines, an instance could be Speed Walking…which could be reduced further down to the type of equipment used e.g. footwear, clothing, digital devices to keep a track of your physical condition…dig deeper still and find what problems people have with maintaining a focus on their routines, give hints and make suggestions, have items available to offer that support the information that you’ve compiled.

The above is just a demonstration of how to reduce a huge area of information that would be impossible for one person to cover and provide down to ‘doable’ and sought after grains.

The above process can be applied over and over again in any field of broad interest, and in doing so, by breaking the subject down you can form a service or a product in an area that hasn’t much competition…believe it or not there are websites out there on nearly everything that’s weird, or perfectly normal if you think it isn’t weird!