It’s a very old saying but like many such sayings, it persists because it speaks a truth.

Without a determination to achieve, then there won’t be any achievement, and especially so if coupled with inaction. Having a defining purpose as to ‘why’ there needs to be achievement in a particular area in life always helps.

The ‘why’ becomes the fuel behind the determination and the ‘will’ finds a way amongst all the obstacles that are mounted up to try and prevent any progress.

Finding a way

Many people have come up against problems that seem to be impenetrable, that seem to have been deliberately put there just for them to make all efforts to have got to where they have found themselves totally worthless, a total waste of time and energy, but yet something still gnawed away at them to find a way through…and they did.

At the very moment all seemed to have been lost, their will to progress, to succeed, found a way, when they had thought that they had given their all…they found that bit more.

There are so many examples of this ‘will’ left behind by others that it can easily be seen by too many that even though those people found their way through the mire, it was somehow easier for them, that somehow it was to be their destiny to achieve, that they were ‘better’ people.

If anyone was to read anything of the lives of these that found that piece of extra will they may have been influenced in the first instance that for them to have even to be reading about them, they were already ‘famous’, and so now whatever achievements they went onto make only added to them being ‘different’ from everyone else, doesn’t their subsequent ‘fame’ only prove it?

Not to the ones actually trying to navigate their way around the problems in their way…fame wasn’t even a concept that had any bearing on where they found themselves, they were still and probably still are despite all their ‘fame’ still ordinary, normal people.

For all the reasons why there’s achievements left undone by too many people, the main reason would be because there was a lack of will, everything is too difficult, too hard, too complicated until it isn’t. Everyone starts from the same place, each then develops at different stages, develops a different pace, develops one idea and discards it for another, building through experience, failing and falling, getting up again to keep their headlong journey through the time they have to attain a place that was just once an idea, a dream.

Plenty don’t make it, even though so many have arrived at a spot which in itself is an achievement, most likely a series of combined achievements already made…they fail to recognise the success that each step they have already made has brought…because lots of people have already made those steps, and the success is watered down, sometimes totally dispensed with, even worse, totally ignored.

If any reader should find themselves in a place where progress seems lost, when all that they see is failure, and the feeling of ‘uselessness’ abounds, step back away from there.

Leave that problem alone for a while, retrace where you’ve been, where you’ve come from…see the achievements made and appreciate that through them you’ve already made it so far, that ideas from your mind have already made it into reality, and the difficulties that were found and overcome can be overcome again…there will be a solution, and you will find it, because all you need is there inside of you…your will.