Your MOST Important Decision.

This is a quick post, hopefully one that may stick…

Having made the brave and courageous decision to have a presence online and from which you hope to make some profit from, and then having decided to BUY a Domain Name and a Hosting Plan…there is now a need to MAKE SURE you have the means to KEEP ON keeping that presence alive and well.

Beyond ALL else the first expense you should always seek to meet is the ONE spot on the Internet that is solely yours. All the FREE stuff is owned and therefore controlled by others, others that you have probably NO influence over whatsoever or ever will have.

Whatever you build or have built on FREE platforms, does NOT and never will do, Belong to You.

Making the decision to own your own plot is the wisest choice you’ll ever make, the Free resources can offer opportunity for experimentation and the like, but YOUR PLACE will always be YOURS as long as you have the means to maintain it.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic actually visits or even uses of it, that’s incidental, what isn’t incidental is that if it’s not there, it can’t ever attract anyone!

Plenty give advice, freely or paid for, few tell you of this one very main item.

You’ve made a decision that could probably alter your life forever, and what’s more, you’ve taken action in actually implementing it, now all you need do is stand by what you’ve done and keep doing it!

Life is full of regrets, don’t make the failing of providing an online provision for your dreams and ambitions be one of them.

That’s it!

Thanks for the giving of your time and of your reading, until the next time, keep safe.